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Penis Envy Psychedelic Chocolate Bar

(4 customer reviews)


South America 
Take 1 square, wait for 3 hrs
30 mins
 Duration 2-4 hrs

Buy Penis Envy Chocolate Bar Online

Penis Envy Chocolate Bar

Origin: Steven Pollock, created it from a unique mutation of the Amazonian Cubensis from Terrance McKenna. where to order Psychedelic bars online usa

Potency: 3.5g Total Dried Ground Mushroom chocolate bar with 6 pieces each containing 0.58 gram each square. parrots for sale qatar 

Effects: Visual distortions, enhanced colors, lightness or giddiness, and powerful emotions. People also report feeling euphoric, spiritually in-tune, and perceptive.

Ingredients: 70% Columbian Cacao, 30% Cane Sugar, 3.5g psilocybin. buy outboard motor online usa

Trip Report

Ingested 2.5 grams

“As I sat back down on the Stargate bench and drifted off, I felt the psilocybin ripping through every cell of my body until the density of my physical body dissolved away and I became a full light body. By transforming into a ball of light-energy I was fully able to surf through Hyperspace.” order mushrooms online usa

4 reviews for Penis Envy Psychedelic Chocolate Bar

  1. FrankOwery

    great experience here, staff are very friendly and knowledgeable

  2. Regina

    We as 2 beginners tried the truffles recommended by owner on different days and our experiences are totally different from each other. Shop owner was very nice and knowledge, also very responsible as he suggested us rather not buy another dose within one week 🙂

  3. Charles R

    thanks so much for the 3 days delivery after my insurance was refunded by delivery service

  4. EdwinJicky

    thanks for the delivery is my first time to buy shrooms online and have it delivered discreetly in Miami

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